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    • Most Common

      • ›   Please explain the main principles of how your investment portfolio works.

        Our investment portfolio works by simple principles. Each deposit in starts from ฿ 0.1 . Your interest will range from 3% up to 7%.You can redeposit from your account balance.

      • ›   If I invest 'x' amount, how much I will earn?

        Please note that deposit starts at ฿ 0.1 will receive the same interest daily: 3%(user plan) up to 7% daily .

      • ›   How long it will take to earn a total return?

        Mathematically it's in the range of 30 days, however based on our miners' past performance, it is usually around 52 days.

      • ›   Is this a legitimate company?

        Yes, we are an incorporated company, Company name: BITSPOD.

      • ›   How can I earn affiliate commission?

        You have to be an active member (member with a deposit) to earn affiliate commission. After you have made a deposit, you can share your affiliate link with others. Once they register using your link and deposits, you will receive affiliate commission to your account balance.

      • ›   When my deposit expires, will my principal be returned?

        Yes, you will get back your principal after your deposit expired in your account balance. You can withdrawal or re-invest in your investment.

      • ›   How do I open an account?

        It's easy and simple, just visit the register section and provide the requested information.

      • ›   Can I visit your office for an offline meeting?

        No, our business model does not include any type of offline meetings. Our UK headquarters are strictly for our employees, and we provide client support through online resources.

      • ›   Do you accept PayPal?

        No, currently we are not accepting PayPal. Please use the available payment options.

      • ›   Why Account block?

        Our company is allowing the user to create two accounts on one IP address. If found more than two, will be blocked.

      • ›   Where is your company located?

        Our company is located in the UK.

      • ›   Do you pay interest on weekends and public holidays? No.
      • ›   Can I own more than one account?

        Yes, you can own as many accounts as you want, however all accounts must contain valid personal data and a different email address.

      • ›   Can I see any mining reports?

        Yes, in order to see mining reports from our miners, please contact

      • ›   After I request a withdrawal to my account, how fast I will receive it on the payment processor's account?

        All withdrawals are processed in 1-2 hours, which means as soon as you submit a withdrawal request, the funds will appear in your account.

      • ›   I made a deposit, but I do not see it on my account, what shall I do?

        If your deposit was not added automatically, please contact customer support and provide your user id and batch number of transaction. Your deposit will be added as soon as possible.

      • ›   I can't find an answer to my question, how can I contact support?

        If your deposit was not added automatically, please contact customer support and provide your user id and batch number of transaction. Your deposit will be added as soon as possible.

  • Overall


    • ›   What electronic currencies I can use?

      Currently we accept BitCoin only. Additional payment options may be added in the future.

    • ›   What's Bitspod? Any proof of incorporation?

      Bitspodis an online bitcoin trading firm, our company name is: BITSPOD.

    • ›   How can I feel safe using your services?

      Bitspod team has vast offline mining experience, and we hire the most professional miners available. Also, once you have made a deposit into our platform, your deposit becomes a part of our trading capital. Our project is also set up with state-of-the-art DDoS protection, which guarantees us 99.9% uptime.

    • ›   If I need assistance, what are the options?

      We provide 24/7 live customer support. You always will be assisted and consulted.

    • ›   I would like to become a member, what do I need to do?

      In order to become a Bitspod member you have to sign up by filling in the register form. Please visit the register page to do so.

    • ›   I lost my password, how can I renew it?

      Don't worry if you have lost your password. In order to renew your password please visit the password renew section, and from there you will be able to renew it. However, if you fail to renew your password using the automatic password renewal from, please contact our customer support and we will assist you.

    • ›   Should I use valid information at registration?

      Yes, you are obligated to provide your real information at account registration.

    • ›   Is there any membership fee to join your project?

      No, there is no membership fee, so you can join our project free of charge. In fact, there is no any type of fee for any type of action in our project, it's fee-free.

    • ›   What type of personal date do I need to provide at registration?

      You are obligated to provide your full name, username, and payment option IDs.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals

      Deposits and Withdrawals

    • ›   What is the deposit amount range?

      The minimum deposit amount is 0.1 BTC and the maximum deposit amount is unlimited.

    • ›   How can I request my available account balance for withdrawal?

      You can request your available balance for withdrawal by visiting your account, withdrawal section, and from there you will be able to withdraw any funds available.

    • ›   Is there any fee for my account balance withdrawal?

      No, there is no fee for funds withdrawal, it's fee-free.

    • ›   After I have made a deposit, what will my daily interest be?

      After you have made a deposit your daily interest will be from 3%(user plan) up to 7%.

    • ›   How many deposits can I have?

      You can have as many deposits as you want, but please note that each deposit will be threaded separately.

    • ›   What's the withdrawal amount range?

      There is no minimum withdrawal amount limit, and there is no maximum restriction.

    • ›   Once the deposit has expired, will I receive my principal back?

      Yes, you will get back your principal after your deposit expired.

    • ›   How can I make a deposit and start earning?

      In order to start to earn you have to make a deposit. You can do so by visiting your account, deposit section, and from there you will be able to make a deposit.

  • Partnership

      Partnership & Refferal questions

    • ›   I would like to promote your project, how can I do so?

      You are welcome to promote our project through any legal way possible. You can make videos, reviews on your private blog etc. Please note that we do not support any type of spam.

    • ›   Please explain your affiliate program to me?

      Our affiliate program works in 4 levels: 10,5,2 and 2%. In order to earn affiliate commission you have to be an active member (member with deposit). In case of representative plan, its a very deep concept. After making representative, Admin will contact to you for next generation of plans.

    • ›   Can I receive referrals commission if I have not made a deposit?

      No, you can not earn it if you have not made a deposit. Please make a deposit to earn referrals commission. The minimum deposit is just ฿ 0.1

    • ›   I would like to operate as a Regional Representative, what do I need to know?

      Regional Representatives are awarded with higher affiliate commission, starting from 12% to above, after making of representative, with the possibility to earn even higher affiliate commission, which can be discussed individually with the administrative department. In order to become a Regional Representative you have to have a minimum deposit of ฿ 10. Mail your application to Include: full name, username, phone number, email, country, and messenger IDs.

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If I invest 'x' amount, how much I will earn?

Please note that any reference in the range of 30 members willl receive the intrest weekly: 10% . 31 -50 members willl receive the intrest weekly: 15% 51-100 members willl receive the intrest weekly: 20%

What is the deposite amount range?

Please note that any deposite in the range of min 0.1 BTC to max no limit.

How many deposites can I have?

Reinvest and multiple.

Partnership & Refferal questions