Multi-Level Affiliate Program

Invite your friends and family and earn commission in 4 levels.

We have designed a worldwide affiliate program available for any participants from any part of the world. Our multi-level affiliate program benefits those who are skilled in investment project marketing, personal bloggers or just regular people who are willing to invite their friends. With our lucrative 4-level affiliate program you will be awarded commission straight into your account balance, available for instant withdrawal or reinvestment. All you have to remember is that you have to be an active member to participate.

How does your affiliate program work?

We provides Multi-level Affiliate Programs and it's 4 Levels categories defines in 10-5-2-2%. if you an active member to get more profit and Extra earn and if you share and referral to any other person than to getting more than profit as compared to starting.

Increase your earnings

If you are already a member and recently new start Our Programs then you refer to another's persons then (he,she) Refers to another person’s to getting commissions on per person and earns more Income and Share our idea with others Peoples .

Withdraw your commission instantly

After Our downline makes a deposit, your commission will be added to your account balance instantly. All you have to do is receive it on your payment account is to request it your personal account and you will receive it as soon as you requested it-it’s instant.

Establish our brand

Via joining our affiliate program you will help us establish our brand in the investment market. It's our way of saying thank you for your effort and courage!

Share your affiliate link with others

Log in to your personal account to receive your affiliate link, visit referrals section and from there you will be able to copy it. Do not forget that we do not support any type of spam or any other illegal method of promotion.

It's in 4 levels

Thanks to our multi-level affiliate program, technically you will be able to earn from friends, and friends' friends. For example from a ฿100 deposit 1st level commission will be ฿ 10, 2nd ฿5, 2nd ฿2 and from 4th ฿2. If you have any questions regarding our 4-level affiliate program, how it works or you just need a consultation, please contact our support team.

Join representatives

Are you looking to earn even higher affiliate commission? Well, we have a solution for you. We welcome you to join our team in the form of becoming a regional representatives. The main rule is that you have to have a deposit of a minimum of ฿10. For more information on how to become our agent please contact at

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